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There are many things we don't know about the fascinating creatures in the sea. Luckily, we are here to answer some of your questions. Lets learn some more about our finned friends.

What are the differences between salt water and fresh water?

The differences between fresh ands salt water is that salt water has dissolved salt in it, and the fresh water doesn't. Salt water also freezes at a lower temperature then fresh water does. However salt also has a more higher boiling point than the fresh water does. Salt waters tend to have corrode wood and metal, while the freah is just plain and doesn't. Salt water is also more denser than the fresh water. Objects float easier and better in salty waters than fresh waters. Salt water also contains much higher percentage of sodium chloride. Its also the water of the ocean. While the fresh water contains less than 1,000 mg/I solids and minerals in the water. Fresh water cannot be salty. Fresh water is found in rivers, lakes, and rain. Fresh unlike the salty water has dissolved solids.


What types of fish live in salt water and what types live in fresh water?



1) Sea Bream
2) Grouper
3) Croaker
4) Monkfish
5) Dolphinfish
6) Tuna Fish
7) Whiting
8) Sea Bass
9) Pompano
10) Bluefish
11) Kingfish
12) Swordfish
13) Butterfish
14) Codfish
15) Pollack
16) Scup
17) Weakfish
18) Flatfish
19) Snapper
20) Red Rockfish



1) Armoured
2) Banjo
3) Thorny
4) Armour Plated
5) Naked
6) Pangasius
7) Pimodella
8) Bettas
9) Gouramis
10) Goldfish
11) Black Moor
12) Common
13) Fantail
14) Lionhead
15) Oranda
16) Redcap
17) Ryukin
18) Shubunkin
19) Hatchetfish
20) Headstander
21) Leporinus
22) Silver Dollar
23) Tetras
24) Malawi
25) Tanganyika
26) Bala Shark
27) Barbs
28) Chinese Algae Eater
29) Mollies
30) Platys
31) Swords
32) Kuhli
33) Clown
34) African Butterflyfish
35) Arowana
36) Misc
37) New Worlds


What is Ice Fishing?


Ice fishing can be very dangerous to the point most people die up there trying to ice fish at the most freezing times. The most important a person should do
before ice fishing checking what the ice conditions are. Most importantly check what the ice thickness is. Some of the equipment that is needed to be carried while going to ice fish is an axe, 100 of weighted buoyant heaving line, ice picks, flotation suit of PFD, waterproof matches, whistle incase of an emergency, proper clothing, and a fishing buddy that can have your back incase of anything or incase anything happend to your friend. When you are going to choose where to ice fish. It all depends on what kind of fish you are trying to catch. If you want a trout, whitefish, or ciscoe the deepness of the water should vary from 30 to 100 feet deep. If you go more deeper into the water the bigger and better fish you will catch but more dangerous. Start off your holes in the ice 10 feet from the shore and built yourself up higher little by little. However try to drill all of the holes a day earlier from your fishing day so you wont scare the fish away that day by just drilling the whole time you are there. Make sure you aresurrounded by clean things around you and clear the snow and slush. Ice fishing is fun but you need to have all the materials needed with you and know where and how to fish.


What kind of fish are poisonous?

The following fish are the most poisonous fish in the world, some of which can be deadly.

1) Yellow tailed Croissant
2) Sinsillac Babonne
3) Carangue
4) Vieille Loutre
5) Otter Wrasse
6) Vara-Vara
7) Giblot
8) Wrasse
9) Cheval de Bois
10) Chemise
11) Large Tartara
12) Grosse Sardine
13) Flat Wrasse
14) Crab onze Taches
15) Benitier
16) Sea Urchin
17) Caret / Hawk's Bill Turtle
18) Laffe
19) Boule Tangue
20) Remora
21) Coffre
22) Barracuda


Is it possible to fish in a lake?


Yes fishing in lakes is allowed. You can fish in any lakes there are in California. Some people think that you can't even get as many great huge fish in the lakes like you can in the ocean. However, that is incorrect. You can get any type or kind of fish in lakes but the higher te lake is the better chance of catching larger fishes. Some of the largests fishes are found in the lakes and longest as well. The most commen fish you will purchase in the lakes are any kind of trout there is. That is the most common fish there is in the lakes these days. Lakes have the same rule as any other oceans do. Fishing is allowed but you have to follow the rules around for any fishing environment.


What is the best season to fish?

December through January are the two main months to be fishing because they are sunny days. The fishing will be very productive on the rivers. All of the water levels and temps will be low and clear. Those two months are great for trouts, so if you like and enjoy to eat trouts those are the two favorite months you should fish. If you are interested in salmon then the best season to fish would be Spring. Those months should start from July through August. Basically, the warmer the weather is the more fish are in the shore of the oceans and there are more fish. The colder the weather is then the fish will be less, but there still will be winter fishing for trouts.


What kind of fish is used for sushi?

There are many types of fish you can use for sushi, but some will need to be purified very well. Some fishes may not be suitable for a human beings
health. It has to be cleaned and disinfected. One of the most common fish to eat is raw is the trout fish, this fish fillet would be good. You can use this fish in doing sushi-rolls and other good stuff. Shrimp is another food you can eat uncooked. You can use shrimp for sushi-rolls as well. Squid is another known fish that can be eaten raw. This fish should be fillet for you. However, this fish should have a lot of salt on it to stay tasty. Eel can also be another fish that you can eat as a sushi, this fish you should eat by cutting the eel in many pieces and grilling them for just a couple of minutes. You can also use the eel as a sushi-roll. The shell-fish is another type of fish, but you can make this particualr fish into any kind that you would like. Crab-sticks can be used for nigiri-zushi and even sushi-rolls. Fish eggs from any type of a fish can be used for making gunkan-maki-zushi. Last but not least the salmon and the tuna can be eaten uncooked. Both of these fishes are used to be making nigiri-zushi, sashimi and eve for the sushi rolls. Basically all these types of fish I mentioned are great for sushi-rolls but also can be eaten uncooked in their own certain ways.


What kind of tools do you need for fishing?

The way people used to go fishing was by sticks and some sort of string attached to it with a safety pin. Or you can use nails with rocks. However, these days now you can use rod and reels. All that you ned to fish is rods, reels, lines, or lunes. Also what will be needed is a package of a hook that is size of 6. A wheel of split shot in assorted sizes, one package of three bell sinkers, a small pastic tackle box, two or three bobbers, small or medium size, monofilament line, a stringer, bucket, landing net, and a fishing permit is highly recommanded. However, the baits are very important. The bait needs to be fresh and if they are newer and cleaner it will attract more fish bites rather than the old baits you use over and over.



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